Our Alt Reality

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Our Alt Reality

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On the surface, Earth Prime is just like our Earth. The overall political, technological, sociological, and cultural situations are identical to our world. Language, music, literature, world leaders, to pop culture are all the same as ours. There is only one difference that separates our two worlds...and it is a significant difference. On Earth Prime, magic and witchcraft are not simply fantasy...but a real commonplace aspect of everyday life all around the world. Magic and mundane co-exist. Those with magical ability have always had a significant place within most societies. The data for this can be found in many ancient texts; including the Bible, Qur'an, Talmud, Dead Sea Scrolls, Book of the Dead, etc. Civilization on this alternate Earth is a fusion of 21st-century life and the wonders of sorcery. Especially in the United States. On Earth Prime, the Salem Witch Trials never happened. As a result, the slow to grow witchcraft movements made their way through the elite circles in Colonial American society. During his first term, President Thomas Jefferson even publicly confessed to being an accomplished wizard. The phenomenon called "magic" involves mentally access and control certain energies and entities from universes of non-Einsteinian physics that are congruent to our own. Because these other universes possess physical laws that are tremendously different from our own, the manipulation of the extra-universal forces gives people the ability to perform a variety of acts and displays that defy the conventional laws of physics and alter many aspects of reality on a fundamental level by using these energies and entities to manipulate both the space-time continuum and the fundamental interactions of nature. Simply put, magic is the process of using powers from other universes to reshape ours on intrinsic levels. Although compared to the scope of the entire universe, it is within a relatively microscopic and localized area.

The trait of the magical ability is purely a genetic difference and there are a variety of genetic factors controlling it. There is no single gene for the ability, instead, it is scattered throughout the genetic material and the combination determines magic using strength. There is a spectrum of magical abilities in humanity, ranging from no discernible magical ability even with training, through magical abilities only manifested with training, up to spontaneous magical manifestations. The majority of humanity falls into the middle category.

Almost all magic is done with the use of a supporting tool, typically a wooden wand. Wood is a magically imbued material. This is because, in addition to harnessing sunlight, the photosynthetic process also has a resonating quantum effect that slightly augments the special protein structures that allow people to perform magic. Wands function as a "magic focuser". By using a wand one's magical powers are greatly focused. In the same way, a convex glass can focus sunlight enough to create a small fire, a wand focuses the magical potential of its user, not necessarily increasing the magic power, just making it more intense.

Furthermore, most actual spell casting is done by using short incantations (most often in what sounds like a modified form of Latin) accompanied by gestures. This is because certain words and gestures act as psychological triggers to alter the perceptions of the mind, allowing one to summon an extradimensional force to override the usual laws of nature. Potions and talismans also serve as psychological conduits to summon a power. Accomplished magic users can sometimes perform magic, especially simple magic, without the need for any sort of conduit.

There are still Maudanes on Earth Prime. Some have had their magic bonded so that they ca n’t use it. Some have not acquired the Magic Trait those are called Norms or Normals. Then there are those that are not Human that have lived among us. The Highborn immortal Elves The Grey, THe spirits that seem to know a lot more about Earth Prime then some of the ranking witches and wizards. Most of the Grey have high seats on the Magical Confederation.

The Seven Magical Houses run the Government form a seat in power in a small town in Central Georgia. Each house has certain traits that make them each unique. Sometimes the Confederation doesn’t see eye to on things but just because they don’t doesn’t mean the membership doesn’t get along fine.