The Five Magical Houses of the The Magical Confederation (TMC)

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The Five Magical Houses of the The Magical Confederation (TMC)

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These are the temporary Houses and Heraldry of the Magical Confederation There may be one house for every school magic. That is still a work in progress.

House Aer
Values: Freedom, Agility both mental and physical, Creativity
Symbol: Waved Lines
Colors: Black and White
Founder: Trinity St. Cloud
Influenced by Italian Masters
Description: A House of Free Spirits, Aloof and often darting from one activity to another, easily distracted and always in motion, the students of Aer rise above most problems for a good vantage point.
Type of Magic: Pending

Values: Strength, Bravery, powerhouse er
Symbol: Triangle
Colors: Orange and Red
Founder: Neary Harrison-White
Influenced by Socialist Realism
Description: House of Athletes and Bold Adventurers, great experimenters in magical theory but often reckless in pursuit of knowledge.
Type Of Magic Pending

House Terra
Values: Constitution, Endurance, Creation
Symbol: Straight Lines in a Square
Colors: Green and Copper`
Description Those that follow the tenets of Nature. Most Terrans are Hippy Flow Power types.
Type of Magic: Pending

House Aether
Values: Intelligence, Adaptability
Symbol: Diamond
Colors: Purple and Yellow
Founder: Professor Caleb Aether
Influenced by Cubism
Description: Weird. What can be said of this new House other then they are undefined. Coming from a range of personalities that refuse to fit the other houses, it is a wonder House Aether hasn’t exploded yet or disappeared in a puff of octarine. This House is filled with misfits who often go looking for trouble if they aren’t the cause in the first place.
Type of Magic Pending
This is a house of Gypsys. They live and act like that. They spend much time bucking the Status Quo while still stay in the bounds of Confederation Law.